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2016-11-18, 21:02

Spinal Breathing Pranayama av Yogani

"While the evolution of ecstatic conductivity expands and the flow of energy greatly increases, there will also be a reduction of the symptoms of purification as time goes on. Why is this?

It is because, as our spinal nerve and all the rest of our neurobiology becomes purified, there will be less resistance to the flow of inner energy. Obstructions in our nervous system create friction as energy passes through. As the obstructions dissolve, the friction becomes less, and the flow becomes very smooth."

- Den engelska texten är ett citat ur boken Spinal Breathing Pranayama av författaren Yogani.


Detta är intressant. Varje bok innehåller guldkorn att ta med sig, förklarar hur man ska göra och lätt hur det fungerar 🙂

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