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Tolka verkligheter - sant, redo för i sitt liv.

Peace be with you all!

Från boken "The sacred and the profane", författad av Rabbi Désirée R. Ntolo.  (boken är i länken:)

"One Sunday morning, an argument that split the congregation in two, broke at the Christian Presbyterian Church which my grandmother used to attend, and to which I always accompanied her. The rift has never been healed to this day. I was twelve years old then. We had all arrived and were all sat inside the Temple waiting for the service to begin; and these always began in the same manner: The choir came in by the door right at the back of the temple. They marched slowly along the central aisle, singing beautifully until they reached their pews at the front.  Behind them came the Pastor, also walking in step with them but not singing. He always went straight to his pulpit and stood up waiting, waiting for them to finish the march-song. Then the choir sang the introductory hymn, always the same that started:  ‘Oh Jehovah, we have come to worship You, we bow our knees before You’, before sitting down. The Pastor, who still had remained standing through all this; then gave the number of a hymn which the whole congregation sang. Every time a song was sung, the choir stood up as we all sang. But this Sunday morning was different; the Pastor came in alone, and by the door that was next to the pulpit. He arranged his books, coughed discreetly behind his fist, apparently to clear his voice, and gave a song for the congregation to sing. They had begun singing the first verse, when I noticed him smiling slightly, while singing louder than I had ever heard him do before, and staring straight at the back door.  I was still wondering why he was smiling, when there was a commotion from the back … Loud, angry voices of people shouting in disapproval…

The rest of the congregation all turned to look at the back, and the song died down as the protesters came up to the front. It was the whole group of choristers! They were neither well dressed nor quiet as I had always seen them. They no longer were the nice, pious and angelic people I had grown to know and like. Now they were angry and shouting… Most of them were barefoot and had not bothered to wash themselves… I was shocked in my young mind… How could those people make such a demonstration in that house they had built for the worship of the Holy Lord? Did God not deserve more respect than those people seemed to give Him? From that moment, I no longer wanted to go to church, not because of God in general, but because of those people. The God they worshipped in that place, now seemed to me to be a god of disorder, who did not command or apparently deserve any respect.  Why did they even call Him Jehovah? This certainly was the time that my wise grandfather had been telling me about.  When I had asked him why he did not like going to Church, he would say: “Child, I do not need to go to any Church building. The Torah and the Tradition and the Mysteries of our ancestors are sufficient for me, and more useful to me.” “But I would never dream of forbidding you to go. One day shall come - and I know it will - when your eyes, as those of a Child of Abraham will be opened. Then the choice and the decision not to go shall be yours.” Well, two years after witnessing the creation of the Golem, my eyes had certainly been opened to the Christian futility. All confusion went out of my mind, and I finally saw very clearly what we had been taught by the old elders of my Community. Christianity was a religion that had absolutely nothing to do with Rabbi Yeshua of Nazareth and his teachings. The idea was there, but there was so much confusion as well.  I decided that I could not learn anything good from people who did not have feelings of respect for the God they were supposed to be worshipping. I knew that what they did most of the time was not what God taught or wanted.

From what I understood, they were complaining that the Pastor had decided that our American Presbyterian-style Church was going to become ecumenical, while the protestors wished to remain orthodox. Many of the worshippers from then on stopped attending that Temple and built their own place of worship. The rest stayed behind at the Temple with the Pastor; and to hear what they said the difference was between the two of these conditions, I realized that none of both sides truly understood what it was all about.

As for me, I went home and meditated over that day’s events and this revelation came to me that: “no human being can teach another how to understand the word of God, no Christian at least, in my opinion.” Even when studying with my grand-father in the true Essene tradition, he could only guide me. Only the Spirit of God within and my own intellect could enlighten me; because I had noticed that in Christianity, religious leaders tend to explain the Law and the scriptures to suit their own aims, their own ideals and their own situations in life.

For example the Religious Leader will always want to explain certain parts of the scriptures to suit the rules and regulations that he has set, in order to control his followers. He will always keep interpreting them in a way that always leaves him in a position of power over them; and that, even when he knows that he is not being truthful. That is why it is found that one Scriptural passage is explained in many different and dissenting ways by different Christian Churches. This problem did not exist in my Community. Many teachers usually came up with different ideas but these all seemed to complement each other; and the more they expounded their different ideas, the more enlightened we became… It was revealed to me, that God does not really live in temples built by the hands of man. God lives only in the Temple which He Himself built; and that is the inside, the heart of Man. I learnt that God built something in us that we call the ‘conscience’. When we read the word of God, the perfect and true meaning is immediately given to the person to the level they can comprehend. It remains for that person to obey it or not to obey. So, if I needed to know anything, I should ask God directly, and He will give me the truth as it is, always… That was my meditation at twelve years old. I then felt the strong desire to let God teach me the truth, all of it. I also decided to read and know more about Rabbi Yeshua as written in my grand-mother’s Bible; something that I had never really done before, having relied on the Essene version that had been told to us."

Peace be with you all.

Creating be with you!!! See a seed enough of times each, for often return to in a long long period, will learn you how better to learn the more importent. RELIGIONENS MYSTERIER.

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