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2013-05-11, 07:45

Lorna Byrne - fråga änglarna om hjälp!

Thursday 9th of May 2013


A young boy of about seven stood fishing with his father - between them stood a teacher angel. I was out strolling by the canal near Dublin and my first thought was that the teacher angel was there to help the boy to learn how to fish. As I got nearer the teacher angel spoke to me with words, telling me that yes, he was a teacher angel, but he wasn’t there to help the boy to learn how to fish, he was there to teach the father to have patience with his son.

The teacher angel was extremely tall and slender. I always find teacher angels hard to describe because they don’t show any colour and there is great depth to the light that comes from them.  I could see the shimmer of the angel’s wings, but couldn’t see any more than that. Teacher angels have very beautiful faces that are without lines; this makes them look expressionless and because of this their faces all look the same. When a teacher angel wants to signal approval its face lights up, but still retains the same expression.

In its hand the teacher angel had a big alarm clock. Teacher angels always hold something – a symbol of learning that is relevant to whatever they are teaching.

I watched as the man tried to show his son how to cast his rod. The son’s fishing rod was an adult’s size and was about three times the height of the boy, so he was struggling. The teacher angel was beside the father as he repeatedly demonstrated to the boy how to do it.  Each time the father showed his son I would see a stream of light flow from the hand of the teacher angel and wrap around the father’s wrist.  The teacher angel was beside the father whispering to him all the time, helping him to keep his patience.   I watched several failed attempts as I came towards the boy. As I passed, the father was bent over trying to untangle his son’s line.

I know that at some time the father had asked God or his guardian angel for help in learning to have patience with his son, and help had been sent.

I always think it’s such a shame that so few people know they can invite a teacher angel to help them. In the university near where I used to live, I would have seen a teacher angel with, perhaps, only one in ten students. For some reason that I don’t understand, the music students seemed to be better at asking and I would see a teacher angel with about every fifth music student.

A teacher angel can help anyone to learn anything. No issue is too trivial for them to help with.  If you are learning anything – to cook, to play golf, to use a computer, to drive a car, to speak a language, to be a better mother, to manage your finances better – then ask a teacher angel to help.

The angels tell me that there is an unlimited number of teacher angels, and we should never hesitate to ask for help. Asking for a teacher angel does not take an angel away from someone else. Never feel that you are not deserving of help. We are all deserving of help and the angels love to help us.

It’s easy to ask for a teacher angel – just tell your guardian angel that you need help, and he will let a teacher angel in to help you.  Don’t worry about what sort of angel, or teacher angel, would be best, your guardian angel will know, so just ask them. I keep saying I talk to angels the same way I talk to my friends – because they are my friends. You can do the same, talking to them silently or aloud. The important thing is to ask.

Once you have asked for a teacher angel to help you with learning a particular thing, then that teacher angel will come and go throughout your life when you need help with that subject.  

You can also ask for a teacher angel to help someone else. Just ask your guardian angel for a teacher angel to help the person. Many parents have told me that they have asked for a teacher angel to help their children learn to be a good friend – this is so much better than fretting and worrying. 

Your teacher angel isn’t there to do all the work for you, though. You must play your part. If you have asked a teacher angel to help you with your exams you must do the study. Your teacher angel can’t do it for you! The teacher angel can help to give you confidence in your abilities, it can keep you focused and avoid distractions, and it can prompt you about what to study, but you have to turn up and do the work. 

I know judges and surgeons who have called on a teacher angel to help them to do their job better. No matter how tough we find something, we can always call on a teacher angel to come and teach us to cope better. We never need to feel hopeless - teacher angels always bring hope. 

I am looking forward to a series of speaking events before the summer. I am particularly happy that several of these events that will benefit charities that are giving hope to the world. There will be a collection for the Simon Community in the Mid West who work with the homeless http://www.midwestsimon.ie  at my event in Limerick next Wednesday, 15th May, and my event in Galway will help the work of Aids Partnership with Africa in supporting street children orphaned by Aids in Ethiopia and Tanzania http://www.apa.ie/.  I hope shortly to be in a position to announce speaking events in Dublin and Derry/Londonderry to further support Aids Partnership with Africa.

I always ask for the help of teacher angels in doing any event. To be honest I’m not sure I would get through the events without their help. 

I am hoping that all of you will take this opportunity to ask for a teacher angel. Even if you don’t feel you need it today, ask for it now and then it will be there to support you whenever you need it. 

I am saying a prayer that those who find it hard to ask for help, or find it hard to acknowledge that they sometimes could do with a helping hand, or doubt the existence of angels will overcome any reluctance and invite a teacher angel into their life. 

Blessings to you, your family and loved ones.


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2013-05-12, 21:34


Jag älskar Lorna´s inspirerande ord och hennes fantastiska kunskap om änglar. De behövs verkligen här på jorden nu och vi skulle få det lättare om vi förstod att änglarna är här och vill hjälpa oss.


2013-05-13, 16:19

he was a teacher angel, but he wasn’t there to help the boy to learn how to fish, he was there to teach the father to have patience with his son. ❤️

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Ja, visst är Lorna och hennes budskap om änglarna fantastiska! Tack vare henne förstår jag att det faktiskt finns änglar på riktigt..

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