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Bashar - 2010-2015

Här går Bashar igenom den nya Öppnande Energierna som vi nu gått in igenom och får reda på vad som väntar oss.

Väldigt inspirerande.

Engelsk Info:

Consciousness is speeding up, making days pass by as if lasted only few hours.
People are getting more sensitive and more alert to the external world, but most of all to what is going on inside ourselves. I could not stress this enough.

- Be of good hearted intentions towards Yourself hence others.
- Follow your passion and what your heart tells you.
- Clear your Mental, emotional, physical bodies.
- Balance your diet.
- Spend time in nature.
- Nurture Nature.
- Be aligned with your True Core Self.
- Daily send love Towards Gaia by seeing it glowing with Loving Light. There is many other things You could do to help this transition to go as smooth as it is possible.
As i have said earlier. Follow Your heart and it will guide you in the darkest days of your life.
Call upon Angels and Guides as they are very much around you all the time.
ALLOW AND ASK for assistance, as only then "they" can help you on your journey to higher state of consciousness.

The good news is, You are reading these words and you are interested in these subjects. It means that you are already on a good path.

I send you my heart felt love and compassion.

Let Passion and Love to ALL THAT IS be your fuel in your engine.


Ps. Please visit www.bashar.org for more wonderful educational

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