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2020-04-15, 11:26

Friskhet trots corona-viruset.

A seemingly in theory cure and prevention for the corona-virus:

It seem to me that if people would touch trees by first great it with: "Greeting living tree made of the Creator of two-corner-leafing*", so would one not be disturbed by the corona-virus or be healed. For "*" see the picture about it here below. And for make more effect while one touch the tree, so would one repeat say (perhaps if one wish just mentally saying it) "forgiveness multiplied with 1000, forgiveness divided with 1000". One could do this for example the same length as one would do other training sessions, for example 15 minutes each day. One could do this with any plant, but if it is a big plant it could possible give more energy in shorter time.

Creating be with you!!! See a seed enough of times each, for often return to in a long long period, will learn you how better to learn the more importent. RELIGIONENS MYSTERIER.

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