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Ånger, förlåtelse, befrielse - negativt & sekter.

Peace be with you all!

Från boken "The sacred and the profane", författad av Rabbi Désirée R. Ntolo.  (boken är i länken:)

"The Movement is more than a resistance movement. It is: -A charitable organization that will comprise a chain of welcome centers for leaving the Raelian Movement, or escaping various satanic sects and organizations of different denominations, and other such groups. 
-It will be for people who have read this book and believe in it and who are willing to learn again to know and love God, without the restraints of the religions in which they were brought up as children. By that I mean they will be told the truth concerning some of the threats they have received over and over again in order to remain attached to those religions, threats that should not have been made in the first place. 
-It will be for those who simply wish to become Essenes, and who have always wanted to know more about the Essenes. In general, it will be for those who need breathing space, and seek to get their ideas and minds in order with like-minded people. 
-It will also be a place where those who have lost hope because of their immoral, dishonest and criminal pasts; but who are sincerely willing to change, will be able to come for help. It will be a place where people who have been rejected, banished, or excommunicated by hypocritical Religions, which had mentally terrorized them, telling them that their many sins cannot be forgiven by God, can come and get the relevant truth and proper guidance. 
-It will be a place where those willing to serve God as Essene monks and nuns, and those willing to Realize their Divinities, shall be given the Essene Divine law by proper scholars, before being sworn in and taking the appropriate vows that need to be taken before being introduced to the Mysteries and the Divine Realization Process, if they show themselves to be honest, willing, determined and worthy. Yeshua, our Rabbi and Master recommended those who came before us not to set jewels before swine, and to give gold only to those who know the value of gold and prize it. 
-The movement shall have branches all over the world and most of all, wherever there is already a branch of the Raelian Movement and (or) a large Satanic community.  Access to all our camps, and residence at all its communities and shelters, will be available to all fully signed and regular members. 
-There shall be a quarterly, subscription-only magazine which shall help all members to remain in contact. Failing that, we will a web-site accessible only to members. We already have a Meet-up group and a Face-book group page called “The Order Of The Essenes” 
-Activities at Essene camps shall include scriptural studies, strong spiritual development and improvement in the way of the Essenes and of the Apostles and Nazarenes who were the first followers of Yeshua, our most recent Spiritual Leader till this day; in fact, we shall endeavor to live like them, as was witnessed by my ancestor Yehuda Halevy. 
-But also we shall indulge in, and encourage music, literature, arts of all styles (paintings drawing, photography, drama, films, fashion, beauty and deportment for ladies and gentlemen, etiquette and good manners, martial arts and self-defense; without forgetting intense meditation, prayer, worship and various teachings on how to get the most out of life. In fact there will be a great emphasis on enjoying life with one’s whole being in the right way, (that is, appreciation of good food, wine, pure love, dancing and entertainment in general).
**Please, understand that when joining us, no one will be asked to leave the religion they were brought up in, because anyone of any religious denomination, provided they believe in God, can arrive at their Divine Realization through the Mysteries as taught by the Essene Law.  But to protect ourselves from the Raelians and all other Satan sympathizers, all definite members will have to be involved with the Essene Community, even if they are not undertaking Divine Realization; to benefit from its long-term world-wide protection facilities. Only this offer does not extend to those ex-Raelians not willing to commit; because for us they will remain Raelians until they openly reject their adherence to them. People can only be Essenes or Raelians; there shall be no compromise on that issue. … …

****That is why total integration and membership shall be reserved only to true believers in, and lovers of, God. Of course, there shall be a permanent home and lodgings for those who shall be active members in the Movement, and for those who will prefer to live within the Community, living the Essene way of life full time. Also there shall be permanent lodging at various camps for all helpful members. But there shall be a home indiscriminately, to all travelling members in all our community homes all over the world, as opposed to staying at hotels. Special retreat units shall be made available for a fee, to all signed but non active people who believe in God, who seek a place to meditate in total peace.  Again this facility shall never be open to any active Raelians or Satanists, Satan worshippers of any kind, or to any atheists. But all those who definitely leave the Raelian Movement will be accepted and welcomed with open arms.

**Know that the Movement shall be a strongly knit world wide family unit where special help, advice, counseling and comfort will be made available to all those who have been hurt by the harmful, and deprived Raelian teachings and life styles. Those who have become the victims of Satan’s prophet Rael must know that they will be welcomed with kindness by me, and they will be treated as the victims they truly are. And I, with my helpers, will bring them back to live normal, moral, saner, purer, fresher and respectable, but nonetheless highly enjoyable, life styles. Then, if they wish, they will be handed into the capable hands of the Essene Rabbis for introduction into the mysteries, to obtain what I know they went to Rael for, but never got. Know, therefore, that the revolutionary Resistance Movement against the Renegades is neither run, nor sponsored by any existing Church or other Religion in particular. It is new and unique. It is run only by the Order of the Essenes. It has been set up on the instructions of Elyonin. I have dedicated it to Uriel, the leader of the group of Elyonin who gave me the message transmitted in this book. Therefore, the part dealing with life and all material activities will be usually known as the Urielian Movement.  We shall, in that name be known as the active, world wide ‘Underground Resistance’; the solidarity movement of the Saints and Children of God, the Army of the Saints of the Most High God. The Rosicrucians and Freemasons exist.  The whole world has heard of them. Now is our turn. We, too, have set up the Urielian Movement for those who staunchly believe in God.


We are therefore a serious, but different sort of resistance movement. An organization whose only aims, apart from having lots of fun during the coming centuries of peace, shall be to prepare the help, escape routes and survival of its futures members and their families, during their times of tribulation; of those who believe in God. But all those members of now and in the future shall get something in return, out of the Essene Order if they so wish; and that is their Divine Realization.  Until the war with the Renegades comes, we will not be do anything, or engage in any activities such as those that lead to world conflicts. All members shall remain normal citizens of their respective countries of birth, respecting all laws set in them, including military service, service and training if it is compulsory, or when they are called in. If they are already part of their country forces when they join us, they will be expected to fight alongside their compatriots in case of war.     
  ● There are many people out there who, after being tempted by Rael, and by the Devil, believe that God cannot forgive them, even if they repent sincerely. But I say that there is enough love in God to forgive even the worst criminals and murderers. I know that if they only tried to get close to God, God would come close to them. For God does not want even one soul to be lost. I, for one, am willing to help them seek their forgiveness, no matter how great their sins, just like I sought it sought it myself. To all Raelians: 
-Do any Raelians out there suspect, or even know that Rael is not only a liar, but also a dangerous and evil man? Were you, like a lot of former Raelian friends of mine, persuaded to perform shameful, depraved and sordid acts, and to do things which you knew deep down in your hearts to be wrong, but believed them to be the will of Rael’s ‘Elohim’? Do you hear voices telling you to kill yourselves, kill other people or commit all sorts of criminal acts (like Rachel Fandi-Liard, daughter of Josette Liard, whom many of you must undoubtedly already know)? 
-Please, write to me personally, in French or English, and tell me your individual stories. Do not worry, you are not alone. There are already thousands like you who have seen through the act of Rael’s, the French Anti-Christ, but who like you till now have not known what to do, where to go, and whom to talk to. Fill in one of the forms given in this book and write to me. 
-Were you persuaded by Rael’s teachings, or were you advised by his representatives to abort your child or children? Were you persuaded by Rael and his teachings to become a Homosexual, a Lesbian, a bisexual or something else? Were you persuaded to allow yourself to be used by someone of the same sex, even though you were not that way inclined and deep down you did not want to? 
-Rael the Wicked One has lied to you and corrupted you. Write to me to be put in contact with the Essenes, and members of the Urielian Movement of your country and city. 
-And to all Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and all those who believe in God, whatever your form of worship may be, who hope on the eternal promises made by our eternal God, do you believe in the message transmitted in this book, but wish to remain on neutral ground? Then do not be shy write to me, if you think you can help.  Or if you believe you have something to contribute in some of the activities that I have cited here? 
-Do you want to be one of the pioneers who will be cited in the historical lists of this Resistance Army of the Most-High God? Do you want your family and descendants to be amongst those who shall have friends, and places to run to, or who shall have facilities to help people in times of tribulations? Then write to me for further information, I’ll tell you what to do. You can be a member of the Urielian Movement, without becoming an Essene Essene monk or a nun.  (Hugohugo comment: etc….)

Peace be with you all.

Creating be with you!!! See a seed enough of times each, for often return to in a long long period, will learn you how better to learn the more importent. RELIGIONENS MYSTERIER.

2019-07-26, 10:55

#0 Utdrag ur boken: 

"So members will be encouraged to be the best, to bring the best out of themselves, while remaining free and respecting God’s Law.

In short, you shall have all the fun you are used to having, but without the perverted activities, the debaucheries, and depravity; and with the added advantage and bonus of truly straightening your lives once and for all, and of finally obtaining what every human being seeks when they go to Religions. That is: Enlightenment, Divine Realization, and the ultimate Answer to the Mystery of Life. Such is the legacy of Yeshua and the Essenes that I bring to you, thanks to my ancestral Heritage and Birthright. 

You will also have the advantage of belonging to the greatest Movement that shall come to exist this century, and which shall last long enough to make news in the most distant future. It will be a movement that, in the future, might save your descendants from the murdering armies of the Renegades and of the Anti-Messiah. 

Those members who shall be sincere ex-Raelians should not worry. They will not be alone. There are plenty of others who, even before the release of this book already know about me, and about the Urielian Movement. Some are already members, because I started the work of making them aware of the truth about Rael, and his activities in 1991!  So write to me in all confidence and begin to straighten your lives." 

(utdrag från: Ntolo, Rabbi Desiree R.. Elyonin Versus Elohim: The Message From A Planet Beyond The Stars -We Created Man On Earth- . Rabbi Desiree R Ntolo. Kindle Edition. )

Creating be with you!!! See a seed enough of times each, for often return to in a long long period, will learn you how better to learn the more importent. RELIGIONENS MYSTERIER.

2019-07-26, 10:57

#1 Utdrag ur boken fortsätter: 

"The true Messiah shall surely come as was predicted by our Rabbi and Master Yeshua. But he will reign without Satan and without the Renegades, or any other fallen angels Rael cares to name. The promise of immortality still stands. But it was made by God, not by Satan, Rael’s father. And that promise of immortality has been repeated by Elyonin, as you have read here. It is possible, but not like Rael says it will be brought to Earth by his ‘Elohim’; that will never happen. 

Come to me and study the Mysteries of Elyonin, Realize your Divinity and discover your life’s true purpose. If you will believe in God and obey His very righteous and very easy laws and follow Him, many things could be possible during your lifetime.  

But hurry up! Rael, Satan and all unrepentant Raelians, and all other disobedient Satan followers shall surely get their reward, but are you willing to be amongst them? Are you willing to reject your eternal birth right for a few years of perversion and depravity with Rael, the French Anti-Christ?  

Do you consciously want to turn your back on Your God, and on your true Creators, to worship their vanquished enemies as you are presently doing? Now that you know that you have unwillingly become Satanists because of the lies, the treacherous and abominable lies of Rael, the French Anti-Christ, do you still wish to remain that way? Are you happy with that situation? I do not think so! So do not waste another minute. Contact us and join us, so that we may begin to rectify the harm that Rael has done to you.

Rael has already sealed you on the forehead to Satan by that ‘transmission of the cellular code’. You must immediately come to take the purifying baptism as Yeshua (Jesus) instituted in order to annul that sealing. There is no other way it can be done. If you do not act now, you will regret it forever; even after you have died. Remember, the future state of your Eternal Soul depends on you taking immediate action, do so without delay."

(Utdrag ur denna bok: "The sacred and the profane", författad av Rabbi Desiree R. Ntolo)

Creating be with you!!! See a seed enough of times each, for often return to in a long long period, will learn you how better to learn the more importent. RELIGIONENS MYSTERIER.

2019-07-26, 11:21

#2 Utdrag fortsätter:

"Please, note that the communities will be peaceful ones, and will neither oppose nor antagonize or stand in the way of any existing Governments. The only enemy will be the Satanist Governments and the Anti-Messiah when the time comes. They will be for the gathering, help and protection of Yeshua’s Essenes and Nazarenes of today. Therefore, this appeal is not for mercenaries interested in fighting and violence.

Besides, no idolaters or sectarians shall be welcome in the Holy City. This time, only those who hope to live as Yeshua taught, and realize their Divinity need come. And the sooner the general messianic believers’ of Elyonin’s rally is effectuated, the better it would be.

This is the time for clear choice for Raelians and Satan worshippers: God or Satan.  That finally, is what my works consists of. Humanity has had religion for seven thousand years or more now; they know all there is to know about God. There is nothing they need telling, or that they do not already know.

The French Anti-Messiah is now gathering the army of Satan, and I am now to gather the army of Yeshua and of Elyonin, and to ask Humanity to make a clear choice.  Elyonin asked me to do this. They want the gathering to begin now, so that any future members may be born and brought up as members, taught by their parents at home.

Time is up now and there is no longer any place or time for Neutrals, Agnostics and Atheists; only those who follow God and Yeshua and those who refuse to follow Him, those who are for Him, and those who are against Him.

Those who make that choice now and who choose Him, and wish to be involved in this particular work should come to me, to get their inheritance, where they shall Realize their Divinity; following His Laws as they were given at the beginning, with like-minded people, in a righteous, and classless society.

This is a very spiritual message that says that time is up, and Elyonin do no longer wish to be patient with petty squabblers; the times are nearly fulfilled. Choose now, for it will be long before you shall again be given such an opportunity from Elyonin or from us Essenes! By that, I mean my system of Divine Realization; that is the spiritual wealth I have to offer those who will come seeking. Elyonin said that if I deliver this message, they do not intend to come and give it for at least a thousand years or more.

I have been most prolix here, but the subject I discuss here necessitates it. I am now edging toward the end of this book. I can only do so little, but I know that there are some people out there, who care about what happens to them, to Humanity and to our Planet."

Peace be with you all.

Creating be with you!!! See a seed enough of times each, for often return to in a long long period, will learn you how better to learn the more importent. RELIGIONENS MYSTERIER.

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