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2019-05-07, 16:34

"Karma" och Transmigration to Earth.

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‘Because of Lucifer’s machinations and through Divine Revelation, the Plan of Salvation in our world again became primordial:’
‘People of our world, as Souls, would have to transmigrate from our Home world to a totally different alien Galaxy, out of their bodies into totally alien bodies composed of elements totally different from the former ones and into atmospheric environments totally different from the ones they had lived previously.’
‘These beings shall be in a condition of total amnesia, thus they shall not remember the astronomically high technological knowledge they had attained, and the things they could do. These people shall be reduced to such an infinitely low level that they will have to begin to learn everything from the beginning. In fact, their level of knowledge should be nil.’
‘Then they shall be told all over again about God, and about how He had created and loved them. Those who shall believe in, accept and love Him even though they have no way of verifying His existence; shall be allowed to go back and live in our Home world. Some might go immediately after their stay on Earth once their lessons had been learnt and are verified to have been learnt if they wished to go back.’
‘Those who, once they had transmigrated on Earth, do not get the opportunity to hear or learn about God, those who know but doubt, and those who totally reject Him will be made to return and try again. After the allocated number of chances, there will be no more opportunities for them to transmigrate to Earth. But even then life will continue.’
‘However, those who not only totally reject God, but make or teach others to do the same will be immediately stopped from returning altogether, and their transmigration cycle will be switched off irrevocably.’
“Even then they will still have a choice. Once they return, their lives will no longer be extended and they will be allowed to die a natural death, never again having to the Eternity Operation; to be dealt with by God in whom we all still believe.”
‘They will be free to join the ranks of the Fallen Angels and thus become subjected to the authority of the lowliest man on Earth. That is what we call Eternal Hell in our world.’

Creating be with you!!! See a seed enough of times each, for often return to in a long long period, will learn you how better to learn the more importent. RELIGIONENS MYSTERIER.

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