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2017-01-11, 20:34

Restoration of Vedic Literature.

„Over the last fifty years, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has achieved one of the most remarkable and significant triumphs in human history – the complete restoration of the theory and practice of the many thousands-of-years-old scattered Vedic Literature. In this magnificent accomplishment, Maharishi has organized the Vedic Literature into a complete science of consciousness, and has demonstrated how this ancient wisdom is the most thoroughly modern, thoroughly practical, and fully scientific body of knowledge available in the world today. In the unfoldment of his Vedic Science and Technology, Maharishi has explained that the Vedic Literature is not a collection of man-made philosophies and myths, nor is it a literary remnants of an ancient culture. Rather, it is the reverberation of the most fundamental level of Nature’s functioning, the dynamic structure of an infinite, silent field of intelligence underlying creation. Maharishi describes this field of intelligence – known in the Vedic language as Âtmâ – as an ocean of pure consciousness, pure wakefulness, which moves within itself, creating the sounds and sequences of sounds that express themselves as the Laws of Nature governing the universe. These are the sounds that comprise the Vedic Literature.” Dr. Tony Nader MD, PhD, MARR in “Ramayan in Human Physiology”. 2012

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